New logo, who dis?

We all know that a logo is intended to visually communicate the unique identity of a brand and what it represents. 

As brands grow and expand beyond their origins, their logos should similarly evolve. Part of that process is to deconstruct the design and identify the elements that are absolutely essential. 

The original concept of ERGO’s logo, featuring a slash through the middle of the moniker, intended to embody the Latin translation of the “if/then” statement, which is the foundation of the algorithms that power our personalized content. But our personalization has become far more sophisticated and is moving way beyond if/then statements into artificial intelligence.

“The intent was to capture the spirit of how our approach is evolving and still stay grounded in our origins,” said Sarah Montini, Senior Designer at ERGO and creative force behind the logo’s new look. “We wanted to reemphasize and enhance the separation of the ‘ER’ and ‘GO’ in an elevated way with the use of a bold, organic shape.”

The aforementioned “organic shape” brings in ERGO’s symbol for customer “mindsets,” the unique clusters of information that drive personalized mindset marketing. You could say that these mindsets represent the desires, concerns, and personal narratives of consumers. While the “ER” and “GO” of the logo remain separated as in the original version, the addition of the mindset shape serves the same purpose as the initial slash while emphasizing the nuance of the “then” response.

Similar evolutions have taken place with nearly every popular brand, such as Walmart, Levi’s, and Apple. Some of these evolutions are minor tweaks to keep with the times, while others are more drastic reimaginings (did you know that Microsoft’s logo in the ‘80s once looked a little too much like Metallica’s?). But the most meaningful changes are those that adhere to what it is that a brand has become.

Creating or refining a logo may not be at the top of many businesses’ agendas, however, it’s an integral component of making a brand successful. It establishes a mental and emotional connection and becomes a trusted official seal of what a business represents. For ERGO, it’s even more than that—it’s an accurate depiction of what we do.

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