Email: Love it or hate it, it continues to be a major revenue generator for brands and organizations. In fact, in 2019, every dollar invested in email marketing yielded a $42 return on average.*

It’s also the only viable outbound, 1:1 digital channel that exists. Nobody really wants a brand sliding into their DMs or texting them. And push notifications rely on a customer actually having the app and having notifications turned on.

That being said, the landscape of email marketing has transformed drastically, and it continues to evolve with technology and data innovation. Google’s Amp for Email allows your email to behave like an app right in your inbox, including real-time content refreshes in the email based on new data, interactions, or behaviors.

At this point, email is everywhere. From your Apple Watch to Alexa, and even your car dashboard and refrigerator, you can check your inbox literally anywhere. That means it’s no longer enough to just send out generic emails. Today, customers are inundated with spam and marketing, a lot of which is being filtered into junk or a promotions tab, and it takes a lot to get your email opened and read. In fact, we see the biggest reason why people unsubscribe from emails is lack of relevant content.

Here at ERGO, we create hyper-personalized email journeys powered by Smart Content that are tailored to an individual’s data profile and behavior. Think of it as next-generation marketing automation, but instead of getting caught up in the when and the how of the email send, we focus on the Smart Content modules inside the email, and can deploy using any Email Service provider.

To develop Smart Content, our technology allows our clients to harness disparate customer-level data and algorithmically target content modules to each customer, and adapt the conversation with each interaction.

And whether we’re conducting eye-tracking research or designing for new email marketing trends and innovations in technology—like Dark Mode, animated PNGs, and Smart Speakers—we strive to give your customers a better, more relevant experience with your brand.

To learn more about Smart Content, contact us.

*Litmus, 4/18/19